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Our Services

Mobile Celebrations Halls

Mobile Exhibitions, Conferences and festivals halls

Warehouses halls, military tents, Refugee camps

Camps, temporary houses equipped with air conditioning, electricity and mobile bathrooms

All kinds of Shades (Airports - stadiums -warehouses-cars)

Heavy equipments, Air Conditioning in both kind ceilings and sides, Electrical generators, flooring systems, furniture, carpets, Arab sessions, lighting systems, sound systems, chairs, tables and etc.....

Customer service and sales management.

The client is our first priority, where our trained and qualified customer service and sales department receive your inquiries and suggestions 24/7.

We also have a team of trained staff at the highest level to meet the requirements of the highest different quality rates that we have achieved to be the first in the world of tents and mobile halls meeting all your requirements whatever.

Projects Management.

We identify your needs and offer distinctive products and designs with the best value in the world market.

Our clients are the spirit of our work therefore we treat them with sincerity and dedication to ensure continues relationship, where we offer them a flexible team, creative and practical, experienced in design and creative solutions.

Our customers can expect advanced designs and engineering products that suit their needs.

Executive and installation Department, security and safety management.

Our project team inspects the site for safety and security and plans to install, assemble and deliver your site by design in the scheduled timeframe.

Al Shallal Al Dahabi Factory

Production and Manufacturing Management

It has been the core of our strength for years of experience and experiment, of putting into practice while managing the complete project construction from start to handing over.

With our advanced equipment equipped with the latest technology, we meet all manufacturing and construction needs through our in-house sources of production inputs and the latest industry breakthroughs. We put all of our expertise in an integrated manufacturing and production management to ensure successful projects in record time because of having advanced capabilities and an effective team. With the rapid economic development in the Arabian Gulf and the entire region, and due to the increasing cost and effort of traditional buildings and lack of suitability as required by modern lifestyles and the consequent environmental damage, we have created

Al Shallal Al Dahabi For Tents, Shades and halls and pre-fabricated buildings made of insulating panels factory, iron or cement, ready or recycling transport containers as required by use of the buildings and more that meet the following solutions: -

Portable House workers

Military Camps solutions

Portable offices

Portable kitchens and Services

Bathrooms and laundry rooms

Sports halls

All kinds of Shades

Hangars and warehouses

Al Shallal Al Dahabi Factory for Aluminum, cladding, Acrylic (Kitchens, Building, Offices)

Al Shallal Al Dahabi Factory for fiberglass (Water Tanks, Swimming Pool, Portables rooms)

Al Shallal Al Dahabi for Contracting

Al Shallal Contracting is keen to achieve four key factors for the success of its projects.

First Factor: Time

Second factor: Excellence

Third Factor: Quality

Fourth Factor: Security and safety

Due to our commitment to the existence of these factors in all our areas and our works, also our dependence on the required specifications and possibilities for the implementation of all projects, which makes us trusted by our clients in meeting all the following area

- General Contracting (creating، demolition، renovation، repair)

- Restoration of steel houses

- Building hangars and warehouses

- Steel Structures

- Aluminum Fabrications

- Construction and installation of scaffolding.

- Installation and maintenance of cooling and air conditioning systems

We will be glad to serve you for any inquires or information that you may need anytime.

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