Al Shallal Al Dahabi Group

Letter from the Chairman and CEO

Since the founding of Al Shallal Al Dahabi Group, we took it upon ourselves to develop the market in line with international standards beating all time and technical challenges that existed at the time. Until we had many branches in different market centers and also in various fields including commercial, industrial, investment, and productivity,

Al Shallal Al Dahabi Trading Est.

Al Shallal Al Dahabi for Tents and Shades factory.

Al Shallal Al Dahabi Contracting.

Al Shallal Al Dahabi for Organizing Exhibitions and Conferences.

We believe in the concept of leadership, taking upon ourselves all it requires hard work, excellence, professionalism in the work and estimate the smallest detail, where our deep belief is that we are a team that do not accept less than first place.

After the difficult path we have chosen, and after all the hard work we have done, we extend thanks and gratitude to all employees, staff and officials in the success of this edifice, which we are proud of. Our thanks also go to all our partners, customers and all those who trusted this name to not only be the first in the region, but also on the level of the Gulf.

Chairman & CEO

Al Shallal Al Dahabi Group